Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Forth Wanderers | Self-Titled

One of my favorite feelings is listening to an album for the first time and immediately realizing that it will be in my rotation for years to come. Forth Wanderers self-titled sophomore album, and their first release on Sub Pop, was an outstanding piece of art that instantly drew me in and converted me into a fan.

Lead vocalist Ava Trilling and guitarist / songwriter Ben Guterl, along with bandmates Duke Greene (guitar), Noah Schifrin (bass) and Zach Lorelli (drums) wrote a collection of emotional, raw and sublime songs that all combine into a beautifully crafted album.

If you’ve never listed to Forth Wanderers before the opening song “Nevermine” immediately gives you an excellent glimpse into their sound and writing style. The verses exude a sense of melancholy with Trilling’s lead vocals delicately walking side-by-side with the lead guitar notes, leading into a expansive chorus where everything opens up into an anthemic hook.

“Taste” is another key track on the album. One of my favorite things about Forth Wanders and this album in particular is the way Tilling’s vocals are perfectly balanced with the instrumentation of the band. Many artists think the lead vocals have to be way on top of the instrumentation, but with Forth Wanders they allow Trilling’s vocals to blend evenly with the band which creates this back-and-forth perfectly balanced relationship. “Taste” is a perfect example of that balance between the vocals and instrumentation.

“Not For Me” is another fun song and one of the more angsty tracks both sonically and lyrically. This chorus is delightfully melodic and delivers a deceivingly catchy hook when Trilling proclaims “I should have known”. It’s is one of those hooks that gets stuck in your head you’re totally cool with it.

“Saunter” is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. The intimate intro with the fuzzy guitar and Trilling’s delicate vocals is reminiscent of The Strokes. The song then snaps into one of the smoothest grooves with the drums come in taking you on a journey through one of the best crafted songs on the album.

Forth Wanders self-titled album is excellent and made me a lifelong fan of this band. Do yourself a favor and give this one a spin.

Forth Wanderers release date: 04.27.18 | Label: Sub Pop

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