Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Andrea von Kampen | Twilight & Evening Bell

Following the release of her phenomenal debut full-length album Old Country earlier this year, Andrea von Kampen has returned with a new EP, Twilight & Evening Bell. With a crystal clear voice and a poetic pen, this talented young singer-songwriter delivers three excellent new songs that once again puts her impeccable artistry on full display.

Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Andrea von Kampen has a natural ability to paint images of the beautiful American countryside with perfectly chosen lyrics floating upon simple melodic compositions. Her lyrical depth and graceful tone will immediately grab your attention and prove her immense talent as an artist in the beginning chapter of a long and promising career.

With the opening track, “Motherland“, Andrea von Kampen delivers a soft but powerful song about the idea of America as a land of opportunity for migrants searching for a better life. Over a softly picked guitar, she delivers an eloquent and serene vocal performance.

Each song on Twilight & Evening Bell is excellent, but “Rainmaker” might be my personal favorite. She displays her experience, connection, and adoration for rural Americans cultivating the farmlands across our nation. She paints a descriptive picture with her gorgeous lyrics telling the valuable and harrowing story of rural American life.

The third and final song on the Twilight & Evening Bell EP is a brilliant adaptation of the classic Alfred, Lord Tennyson poemCrossing the Bar“. It’s not easy to put music into a timeless poem such as “Crossing The Bar” but Andrea von Kampen delivered a masterful song with reverence and grace.

In preparation for the EP release, Andrea von Kampen gave captivating performances of “Motherland”, “Portland”, and “Rainmaker” to Paste Magazine. Give this a watch to get the full understanding of her natural talent as a performer.

2019 was a big year for Andrea von Kampen with both the release of her debut full-length album Old Country as well as this EP, Twilight & Evening Bell, and even though it’s a short three-song EP, it serves as a delightful and masterful addition to her growing catalog. I’m extremely excited to see her continue to grow in the years ahead.


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Twilight & Evening Bell release date: 10.18.19 | Label: Tone Tree Music

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