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‘A Year And Then Some’ brings Ethansroom fans a fresh sense of peace and beauty

With his latest record, Ethansroom parallels previous work in ingenuity and skill, but delivers a fresh set of songs that peak the senses while settling into a calm pattern of sounds and lyrics.

The Nashville based songwriter told Streaming Dept. that crafting A Year And Then Some was time intensive, but worth the wait. He unpacked for us all the details behind the process of finishing the album, the inspiration behind his artistry, and how he hopes to see the songs received by listeners.

As your third full length release, can you break down how you feel this work stands in comparison with your past releases? Either in content, perspective, or even musical style? 

Everything felt dialed in throughout the entire process. Even when we were trying things that were “new” to us it still felt dialed in. 

I think it’s safe to call this a concept record, which is a first for me. Every track is just a different facet of the same love I used to hold onto. I’ve never made a project all about one specific thing before. 

Production wise, I feel like this record is a lot more expansive. I used to be really bad about coming in with “I want this to sound like this from this song, and that from that song” but for this record we started from nothing and then made something. We tried everything. It was beautiful. I’m actually making things I want to listen to now and that’s a cool feeling.

The recording process for many artists has been very turbulent in the past year. What was the process of putting together A Year And Then Some like for you?

We started tracking it in January of 2020, got a few sessions in and then suddenly it was March and the world shut down. Me and Josh stopped seeing each other for 2 or 3 months. 

The cool thing about having to stop is that I ended up scrapping half of the songs we originally had because I wrote a new second half to it. 

Then late summer hit we carefully started recording again at Josh’s apartment/some other friends houses. We finished up tracking in September, and had final mixes/masters by October. 

I’m so thankful for this record. Thinking about it and eventually making it was one of the few things that kept me sane. It was all I was really working towards. 

What does the title of this album mean to you? 

I could come up with some really deep meaning behind it, but honestly it’s pretty literal. It took me a year and then some to see someone differently than all the rest of humanity, fall in love, and watch it all come down. I kind of view it as one of the colored blocks in the storage part of your iPhone haha. Like “Ope! There’s AYATS. That’s what that is!” 

Did you enter making this album with a clear vision of where you wanted it to go and who you wanted to reach, or do those elements tend to evolve as you move along? 

I initially started recording because I had to, if I didn’t flesh out these songs I was gonna lose it. I’m an external processor and music is my current avenue of letting it all out. When we took a pause on recording my writing shifted though. Like if you listen to Tides/Know compared to Unknown Legend Girl/Help Yourself I feel like you can hear that something changed. With that writing shift I tried to carry over that new energy into the older songs.

So I guess to answer your question, it absolutely evolved as we went. Things got a lot fuller and a lot louder. 

What would you say are the primary hopes you have for this album?

I just hope people feel comforted and found in some capacity. I want people to think. I want people to know they can take as long as it takes to get up, into, and over something. I also would like to make one million dollars from this record. 

Musical community seems to be a very important aspect of your artistry. How would you describe the importance of collaboration for you as a growing artist and how did that transfer into this record? 

Community is why we’re put on this earth! Everyone has something about themselves that’s worthy of falling in love over. I see it in all the people who helped make this record happen so clearly. Everyone who helped play on the record did what they thought was best. They poured their art into mine. They were who they were. Thank you everyone! I love you.



“A Year And Then Some” release date: 05.14.21

Image & Design credits: Landon Edwards

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